Sell Silver

Our Offer

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to sell your sterling silver flatware or tea set for a fair price. To receive a quote, send an email to Include the following information in your email so that we can provide an offer for your sterling set:

  1. High-resolution images of your entire sterling collection to include hallmarks
  2. The type and quantity of each piece in your set
  3. Maker and pattern
  4. Asking price

We will respond within 24 hours with an offer for your silver set once we receive your email. If you are completely satisfied with our buy price then we’ll help you take the next steps. If not, that’s perfectly fine too. There is no obligation or pressure. We want you to be confident in your decision before moving forward. Let us know if you need any information from us that will aid in the decision-making process.

Ship Silver

Ship your silver to us. We’ll provide our shipping address via email. Ship your silver in a priority flat rate box at your local post office. Insure your silver for our buy price. Include a copy of your driver’s license in your shipment. If you ship your silver in this way, we’ll reimburse you for your shipping cost.


You will receive payment for your silver in 10 business days. You have a choice on how you would like to receive payment. We offer various payment solutions depending upon your preference. The most common form of payment is a Chase Bank cashier’s check. We also offer payment in Digibyte and other cryptocurrencies.